December 2021



Welcome to our new look Church Finance Handbook Newsletter. These newsletters aim to keep you up to date with issues within the church sector as well as remind you of areas of interest within the guide. We hope that you will find these newsletters helpful. We are always looking to assist the sector, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know. Feel free to forward this email to others in your church administration or leadership team that might find regular updates and access to the church quite useful.


Helen Boucher 

Religious Sector Team - Leader



Our Church Finance Handbook has been updated and now has a 'new look'. We have spent significant time planning, dreaming and implementing a new look to this guide that we are very proud of. We have improved the layout and useability to enable you to locate information in a more straightforward way.

We have updated the URL so you will need to follow this link, to find the guide. The guide can be found at:

The guide is also no longer password protected for your ease. You will be required to enter your email address upon entering the guide for the first time, however if you open it on the same browser, your address should be remembered from your first visit. We will use this email address to send you updates in relation to the guide.


Recently, Murray Nicholls, Saward Dawson's Salary Packaging Specialist, held a webinar in relation to exempt Benefits provided to Religious Practitioners. He covered many areas including correct structuring and common risks and errors. If you would like to watch it, please follow this link to our guide:

more webinar..


Many churches meet the definition of a Basic Religious Charity under the ACNC Act however there have been a few changes recently, so we would like to draw your attention to the following article, that may interest you. The article includes:

  • What is a Basic Relgious Charity (BRC), including some new requirements to consider
  • JobKeeper being excluded from the calculation of BRC criteria
  • The benefits of a BRC
  • The 2018 review recommendation and the Government's response to the recommendation.

Please see this section of our guide that covers the topic of Basic Religious Charities. We have also written an article on our website which can be found here.



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